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Thank You, Jae Joong Sunbaenim!

    재중 – 선배님 에게,     It has been more than a week since I first discovered Heaven’s Postman. (February 23, 2012 to be exact. I posted it on my facebook. :p) It was a totally random day and I was alone at home searching for a good Koreanovela (Filipino’s term for Korean … Continue reading

I Hope to Hear from You 재중 – 선배님!~

      재중 – 선배님 에게,   I’m still looking forward to meet you one day and become your student!^^   Here’s where I post my daily message for you!~ Twitter: http://twitter.com/kkyeoul/ You may also directly contact me at: E-mail: kkyeoul@yahoo.com —or— kmelody16@gmail.com   Music song covers: http://soundcloud.com/kkyeoul_official       See you soon!^^ Always smile! :] 화이팅!~   … Continue reading

COME ON OVER: The JYJ Philippines 2nd Fan Gathering

Please click here for our First Fan Gathering overview COME ON OVER: The JYJ Philippines 2nd Fan Gathering December 8, 2012 | 1-4 PM 28th Floor Function Rooms 2 & 3 , Union Bank Plaza, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City (Across Metrowalk) * —————————————- + Have fun with fellow JYJ…

2nd Phase of the JYJ REACH: JYJ Philippines Flood Relief Charity Project

After the success of the 1st Phase of the JYJ Reach: Flood Relief Charity Project, the remaining amount and those we collected from August 13 – 17, 2012 were allotted to the ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya and World Vision.  ***Certificate from World Vision will be released 1-2 weeks…

1st Phase of the JYJ REACH: Flood Relief Charity Project at the Philippine Red Cross

The JYJ REACH: JYJ Philippines Flood Relief Charity Project was launched last Thursday, August 9, 2012. The project’s purpose is to help our brothers and sisters who were affected by the flood in the Philippines. (Click here for the announcement/ donation details.) The turnout of the project…

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Thank You, JYJ and ASF Family!~

    재중 – 선배님 에게,     Yeeeey! The entry reached SSK4’s “Today’s Favorite” I would like to thank my JYJ family because they have given me warm support and also my ASF family for continuously giving me evaluations to further improve my passion in singing.~ And ofcourse to everyone who has been voting … Continue reading

JYJ Haven : The Beginning (JYJ Philippine’s First Gathering)

(About the Featured Image: Ofcourse when we had group pictures, where else would I be standing? :P)     재중 – 선배님 에게,     The day has finally arrived!~ JYJ Haven: The Beginning. First gathering for JYJ_PH supporters.^^ It’s great to meet new people who appreciates the group you respect a lot. One day, … Continue reading

JYJ Philippines Holds 1st Fan Gathering

JYJ Philippines had its 1st Fan Gathering last April 21, 2012 at Discovery Suites, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. It was a dream that turned into reality for us. We’ve always wanted to organize a fan gathering for JYJ fans here in the Philippines but we were not…

JYJ Philippines

Happy Birthday, KKyeoul!

    재중 – 선배님 에게,     Ne, today is my birthday!~ I’ve been busy lately with my job training. So far so good, I guess. I’ll work hard.~ And oh, ofcourse! 5 more days before the big JYJ day! ^^ I’m very much excited about the event this Saturday because it’s the first … Continue reading

A Little Step Closer.

    재중 – 선배님 에게,     13 days before my birthday! (I wish you’ll greet me on my birthday, Jaejoong-Sunbaenim! Haha!) Plus, I have a good news too Sunbae!~ I was invited for an interview last 26 March, 2012 to be a Korean ESL Online Instructor. Thank God for the positive result… I’ll … Continue reading

Cheer Up, JYJ-Sunbaenims.

    재중 – 선배님 에게,     Cheer up, Jaejoong-Sunbaenim, cheer up also JYJ-Sunbaenims. The past weeks for JYJ has been really stressful. First, I just want to send my utmost condolence to Yoochun-Sunbaenim. Second, I hope Junsu-Sunbaenim feels better from the colds he had and third, to you, Sunbae who has been exhausted … Continue reading